COVID Deaths Peak As Cases Decline

Sep 22, 2021

Despite fears that Labor Day activities would cause more spikes in COVID cases, they’re continuing to fall. 


Dr. Jennifer Clark is part of OSU’s Project ECHO. At a Wednesday update to healthcare providers, she said there was a rise in cases after Labor Day but the upswing petered out.


“The trend has been up and we’ve had this kind of small double hump if you will. There was concern with that second bump that it was actually going to be a bigger spike. But fortunately, keep our fingers crossed, things have started to come down.”


Clark said deaths are still continuing to rise since it takes 10 to 14 days for deaths to fall after cases decline. 


“We had a peak of 3.2 deaths per 100,000 yesterday,” said Clark. 


That peak is for the current surge. It's still below last winter's peak. 


According to the latest state epidemiology report, 232 Oklahomans died from COVID between September 5th and 11th. 


The number of Oklahomans killed overall by COVID-19 is now about 10,000.