COVID Test Positivity In Tulsa Hits 10%, Testing Volume Remains Low

Jul 8, 2021

According to the state department of health, there have been 361 new cases of COVID-19 in Tulsa County in the past week.

CEO of nonprofit MyHealth Access Network Dr. David Kendrick said the percent of tests coming back positive is steadily rising.

“You can see that Tulsa is at 11.5% positivity as of today. If we look at yesterday since today is still accruing, we’re at 10.1% positivity.”

Testing is still very low, but according to the Centers for Disease Control it has risen almost 4% in the county in the past seven days.

Some counties have seen sharp sudden increases in cases, but Tulsa’s rise has been more subtle.

“Tulsa’s had a little bit different shape to the rise of its curve, it’s been a bit more gradual since mid-May. But it also has relatively steadily gone upwards in positivity,” said Kendrick.

According to the Tulsa County Health Department, the neighborhood where cases are rising the most is Oakhurst in west Tulsa.

The health department recommends a slate of precautions, including the use of masks outside the home in this area.

According to 2019 data from the Census Bureau, there are 115 households in the Oakhurst area.

58% of those households have a member above 60 years old.

19% of households in Oakhurst are below the poverty line, greater than the statewide average of about 15%.