On "Cue" -- A Preview of the Rock 'N Rib BBQ Festival in Downtown Tulsa

Sep 18, 2015

Summer is now, alas, leaving the proverbial building...but barbecue doesn't have to exit along with it. On this edition of ST, we learn about the free-to-the-public Rock 'N Rib BBQ Festival, which is happening at 3rd and Denver in downtown Tulsa from today (the 17th) through Sunday (the 20th). Our guests are both participating is this mouth-watering fun-filled sauce-smothered food-fest: Mark Grant is a pit-master who owns and operates Porky Chicks BBQ & Catering in Fayetteville, AR, and Eric Schleicher works in the marketing department at SMG Tulsa -- the management company for both the BOK Center and the Tulsa Convention Center -- which is presenting this event. Also on today's show, as we all make the annual back-to-school transition, commentator Janet Pearson fondly (yet also sadly) remembers a favorite high school teacher, Mr. Dykes, who died recently.