"That Damn Art Woman: Adah Robinson, Bruce Goff, and the Controversy...."

Oct 8, 2020

Who actually designed Tulsa's iconic Boston Avenue Methodist Church, that widely celebrated art deco structure within the city's skyline which was completed in 1929? Many architecture experts will tell you it was the well-known Tulsa architect Bruce Goff...but was it? Our guest on ST is Teresa Holder, the manager of the Gardiner Gallery at OSU in Stillwater. That gallery recently presented a show called "That Damn Art Woman: Adah Robinson, Bruce Goff and the Controversy over the Design of the Boston Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church South," and this exhibit is now on view at the Tulsa Historical Society & Museum. It's a far-reaching exhibition that gathers art works, photos, drawings, letters, newspaper articles, and other objects and documents related to this controversy.