Demolition Begins on Old Union Stadium

Jan 10, 2020

Crews start work on pulling down the old stadium
Credit Union Public Schools

Union Public Schools began demolition on the west side of the Tuttle Stadium – originally built in 1976 – in preparation for the construction of a new $42 million stadium and fine arts facility, which also includes significant renovations in the high school.

A crowd gathered to view the spectacle, including Dr. Wesley Jarman, superintendent when the stadium was first built in 1976, and Gil Cloud, former athletic director at the time. Retired Principal Dave Stauffer and Benny Dixon, another former athletic director (when the UMAC was built), also watched.

The new stadium complex will include improved accessibility on the “home” side, including redesigned concessions and restroom facilities, as well as the creation of a new fine arts addition at the north end zone of the football field to serve the Union Renegade Regiment Marching Band.
Teardown of the stadium’s west side will take six to eight weeks. The new stadium is expected to open in 2021, followed by the fine arts addition in 2022.