Dr. Andrea Mazzarino on "Campaigning for the Rights of the Disabled in Russia"

Feb 4, 2014

On this installment of StudioTulsa, we speak with Dr. Andrea Mazzarino, an anthropologist specializing in contemporary Russia who's currently a Fellow at the Europe and Central Asia Division of Human Rights Watch. While working with Human Rights Watch, she has researched and written various reports on human rights abuses. Last night, with the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games set to begin in Sochi (pictured here) in a matter of days, Dr. Mazzarino gave an address to the Tulsa Committee on Foreign Relations entitled "Campaigning for the Rights of the Disabled in Russia," and the subjecto of our discussion on today's show. Also on this edition of ST, Facebook is officially ten years old today --- and our commentator Barry Friedman hereby wants to "apologize" to it.