Dr. Gerry Clancy: Vice President for Health Affairs and Dean of TU's New College of Health Sciences

Dec 19, 2014

In late October, Dr. Gerard P. “Gerry” Clancy was selected as vice president for health affairs and dean of The University of Tulsa's new College of Health Sciences. Dr. Clancy is our guest on this edition of ST. He has served as president of OU-Tulsa for the past eight years, and his tenure here at TU will begin on January 1st, when the newly created College of Health Sciences officially begins operations. As TU President Steadman Upham noted in a press release issued at the time of Dr. Clancy's appointment: "TU is proud to welcome such a well-respected member of our community and of the medical field to our campus as we embark on this bold new strategy to improve the health of underserved citizens.... Dr. Clancy is a tireless advocate for both health and education and, as such, is the ideal candidate to fill this crucial role. This is an exciting day for our students, our faculty, and our future." Thus Dr. Clancy speaks with us about what his new duties and goals at TU will be, and about how TU's College of Health Sciences will function more generally.