Dylan Thuras -- One of the Creators of the Popular "Atlas Obscura" -- to Speak in Tulsa Soon

Apr 9, 2018

The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, which is part of the National Park Service, will soon host a three-day symposium here in Tulsa regarding the preservation of roadside architecture and attractions. It happens April 10th through the 12th, and it will include 20+ invited as well as solicited papers, an evening neon-sign tour, and a half-day field session exploring local roadside attractions and issues related to their preservation. Our guest on ST will be one of the keynote speakers at this gathering: Dylan Thuras will talk about "Storytelling as Preservation: The Role of Media in Saving Roadside Architecture." He is the co-founder of Atlas Obscura, a multimedia company and "Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders" website, which is visited by over five million people each month. Thuras is also, along these same lines, the co-author of a bestselling book titled "Atlas Obscura."