Eastern Oklahoma Marijuana Dispensary Owner Arrested on Meth Trafficking Charges

Jul 25, 2019

Credit OBNDD/Oklahoma Watch

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics shut down an eastern Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary and arrested the owner for selling methamphetamine.

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics spokesman Mark Woodward said undercover agents bought methamphetamine from the owner in the office of Left Handed Okies dispensary in Spiro twice since beginning an investigation last month.

"We went out and served an arrest warrant at the Left Handed Okies there in Spiro, and we did arrest the warrant and then we also served the store with an emergency suspension order that shuts down the store," Woodward said.

Woodward said 38-year-old Jeffrey Peregrino wasn’t like some former drug dealers trying to go legal with a dispensary.

"There was nothing that showed up in his background that he had any outstanding warrants or anything prior to us encountering him this summer on the meth sales," Woodward said.

This was OBN's first bust at a medical marijuana dispensary for illegal drugs.

"It begs the question why would he even risk — if he’s going to get into this business and try to be legit and then risk throwing it all away over this. But that was the choice he made, and he’s going to deal with the consequences," Woodward said.

Peregrino was booked into the Le Flore County Jail on two counts of meth trafficking, and OBN agents seized the dispensary’s inventory.