Economic Development, Community Policing, Public Education, Etc. -- A Chat with Mayor G.T. Bynum

Feb 1, 2017

On this edition of StudioTulsa, we welcome Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum back to our studios. He was sworn in as Tulsa's newest mayor in December, having previously served as a member of the Tulsa City Council since 2008. (Mayor Bynum's great-great grandfather [1899-1900] and maternal grandfather [1970-1978] also served as mayors of Tulsa.) The Mayor joins us to talk about what he's accomplished in his mayoral tenure thus far as well as what he has planned for the immediate future. As he writes on the official City of Tulsa website: "We [as Tulsans] were fortunate to have pioneers with a spirit of high expectations for their new hometown. They didn't want to be the oil capital of Green Country -- they made Tulsa 'The Oil Capital of the World.' They built a place known as 'America's Most Beautiful City.' When they saw an airplane for the first time, they decided to build one of the first airports in the world which led to the growth of the aviation industry right here in Tulsa. Today, we are entering a renewal of that spirit of high expectations. In the next few years, we will open the greatest city park in America, become the home to an Olympic sport, and transform the museum that houses the world's greatest collection of Western art. We will build a lake in the center of the city, creating new recreational opportunities for the entire region. We will move from a laggard to a leader in the field of public transportation with the installation of bus rapid-transit lines. The City government will partner with our schools and our entire county in ways never before seen in Tulsa, while also becoming a national leader in the use of data to deliver tremendous customer service to citizens."