EMSA Board to Discuss Audit Today

Feb 27, 2013

EMSA Board Chair Lillian Perryman discusses the critical state audit.
Credit EMSA

The EMSA Board of Trustees holds a meeting halfway between its two divisions today. The board will meet in Stroud to discuss a recent state audit.

The audit, from State Auditor and Inspector Gary Jones,  was highly critical of the ambulance service and its spending habits. The audit also blasted the service's  chief officer Steve Williamson for extravagant spending and disregard for tax payers.

EMSA Board Chair Lillian Perryman says some things could have been handled differently and the board will look at best practice policies.  She says patient care was never compromised and the service did nothing illegal.

EMSA has two division, one here in Tulsa were the service was founded. The other is in Oklahoma City, where it expanded in the 1990s.