Enough Talk: 100 Instrumental Jams To Clear Your Head

Nov 4, 2020

There's been a lot of talking recently. A lot of words. A lot of people talking, arguing, debating, shouting slogans at you. So today we present a giant playlist of songs with no words: 100 instrumental jams to clear your head. You can groove, you can surf, you can even "East St Louis Toodle-Oo."

If you've ever seen the movie Wayne's World, you might remember that scene where Wayne, played by Mike Myers, plays the first four notes of "Stairway To Heaven" in a guitar shop ... and he's quickly interrupted by the store clerk who points to a sign on the wall that says "No Stairway to Heaven." But we feel like he might have made an exception for Rodrigo y Gabriela's instrumental version, which kicks off our playlist. Sit back, relax and try to enjoy yourself.

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