Epic Dudes and Catchy Songs: TU Theatre Presents "Beowulf, Lord of the Bros: A New Musical Workshop"

Oct 29, 2015

On today's ST, we learn about a new musical -- a "bro-mantic" comedy, no less -- loosely based on the thousand-year-old epic poem, "Beowulf." It's the still-in-development "Beowulf, Lord of the Bros," and it will be workshopped at a pair of free-to-the-public performances on Friday and Saturday, the 30th and 31st, at the Theatre Two space in Kendall Hall on the TU campus, with both shows starting at 7pm. Our guests are the director for this show, Kyle Dougan -- a University of Tulsa alum (BA '08) who's now working with the TU Theatre Department as a Feagin Guest Artist -- as well as the two writers for this piece, Matt Deitchman and Jed Feder. All three are currently based in Chicago, and as they tell us on this edition of StudioTulsa: "Beowulf, Lord of the Bros" stems from, at least in part, the music that they've created over the years as a comical rock band.... It's a band that might be a hybrid of Tenacious D and Barenaked Ladies. You can learn more about this show here.