Everything You Need for the Solar Eclipse: Live Blog with Map, Live Video, and Live Special Coverag

Aug 18, 2017

Live Map -- Total Solar Eclipse Crosses The U.S.
The excitement has been building for weeks and weeks. On Monday, August 21st the solar eclipse will finally be here. It will darken the skies along a path from Oregon to South Carolina. It's the first eclipse that will be seen from coast to coast in 99 years. Millions will don special glasses or watch through pinhole projectors. Eclipse enthusiasts say totality never disappoints. Follow this live updating map tracking the position of the eclipse across the United States.


Live Blog -- Total Solar Eclipse Crosses The U.S

It is indeed dark during the day as a total solar eclipse makes its way from Oregon to South Carolina. Eleven states are in the path of total darkness. Follow the astronomical phenomenon's journey across America along with NPR journalists and others experiencing the eclipse.


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Check back Monday for NASA's Live Stream of the Solar Eclipse!