Excessive Heat Warning To Start Hot Week Across Northeast Oklahoma

Aug 9, 2021

Credit National Weather Service

Much of northeast Oklahoma was under an excessive heat warning until 8 p.m. Monday, and it’s just the start of a week of potentially dangerous heat.

The National Weather Service said additional heat advisories and warnings are likely as summer heat and humidity linger over the area.

Heat index values will be above 100 in many areas Tuesday to Thursday, with some locations across eastern Oklahoma and west central Arkansas reaching 112 degrees.

According to the National Weather Service, cooler temperatures are expected by the weekend as an upper ridge breaks down, along with an approaching cold front.

If you must be outdoors in hot and humid conditions, wear a hat and lightweight, loose-fitting, light-colored clothing. Drink plenty of water, and take frequent breaks in the shade. Avoid getting too much sun. Sunburn makes it harder for the body to cool itself.

Signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion include dizziness; nausea or vomiting; cool, pale, clammy skin; a rapid, weak pulse; and muscle cramps. People experiencing heat exhaustion should move to an air conditioned place, drink water if fully conscious, and take a cool shower or use cold compresses.

Signs and symptoms of heat stroke include headache; confusion; body temperature above 103 degrees; red, hot, dry skin; and a strong, rapid pulse. People with heat stroke may lose consciousness. Anyone with a heat stroke victim should call 911, move them to a cooler area and try to cool them using cool cloths.