An Exciting and Original New Novel: "The Talented Ribkins" by Ladee Hubbard

Aug 15, 2017

Our guest on this installment of ST is author Ladee Hubbard, who joins us to discuss her first novel, which is just out. It's called "The Talented Ribkins." It's a creative and widely acclaimed book about race, class, politics, and America itself...and it focus on, of all things, a family of super-heroes. And per a starred review of this novel by Kirkus: "Crafty and wistful.... Hubbard weaves this narrative with prodigious skill and compelling warmth. You anticipate a movie while wondering if any movie could do this fascinating family, well, justice. To describe this novel, as someone inevitably will, as 'Song of Solomon' reimagined as a Marvel Comics franchise is to shortchange its cleverness and audacity."