Exploring the Art and the Myths of Route 66: "Mother Road" at the AHHA Center in the Brady District

Oct 21, 2014

On this edition of our show, we learn about "Mother Road," which is "an exploration of Route 66 by artist Jessica Harvey" that will be on view at the AHHA space (in the Brady Arts District in downtown Tulsa) through November 23rd. Harvey, who's originally from Chicago, has exhibited throughout the United States, and is currently in residence at the AHHA Creative Studios, is our guest on ST today. She speaks with us about the origins and motivations and ongoing explorations of her "Mother Road" project, which the AHHA website says is "derived from the history and myths that come from traveling Route 66, which illustrates journeys -- both personal and shared -- through road trips, driving, and discovery. Artist Jessica Harvey displays artifacts and photographs from her own Route 66 odyssey, and invites the public to explore her studio at AHHA, where they may offer their own personal artifacts and record individual stories and memories. This shared project aims to reveal how a diverse group of people collectively feel about travel, Americana, and the culture of the great American road trip." Also on today's show, commentator Barry Friedman offers a tale of two temples, as it were, by explaining where he used to attend religious services, and where he does so now, and (to a greater or lesser degree) why he switched.