Extended Works by Duke Ellington and Others...on the Next All This Jazz

Apr 25, 2020

Catch the forthcoming edition of All This Jazz, beginning at 9pm on Saturday the 25th, right here on Public Radio 89.5 KWGS-FM (and streaming at PublicRadioTulsa.org). Our wide-ranging program delivers three hours of recent, classic, modern, and post-modern jazz, each and every Saturday night, from 9 o’clock till midnight.

On our next broadcast, we’ll hear from Stan Getz, Barbara Carroll, Brian Lynch, and Ralph Towner, among other greats, as well as two adventuresome pianists on the current scene: Kris Davis and Kevin Hays. And in the Theme-Driven 3rd Hour of our show, starting at 11pm, we’ll feature Extended Recordings by the likes of Duke Ellington (from 1966; shown here) and Eberhard Weber (from 1975).

Join us! If you're a jazz fan, then All This Jazz is all you.

(Three closing points: ATJ playlist information is posted right about here...and we also maintain a Facebook page for our show. And finally, this particular show originally aired in 2017. Thank you. Be well.)