A Far-Reaching New Partnership Known as ImpactTulsa Addresses "Education: The Calling of Our Time"

Oct 21, 2014

ImpactTulsa is a newly formed, entirely pro-education initiative that brings together locally based community leaders from the varied realms of education, business, civics, nonprofits, philanthropy, and the faith community -- all of which are united, as per the ImpactTulsa website, "to engage the community to provide a pathway where all students are guaranteed a high-quality education." Our guests today on ST are Kathy Taylor, the CEO of ImpactTulsa and a former mayor of this city, and Dr. Keith Ballard, the Superintendent of Tulsa Public Schools, both of whom tell us all about ImpactTulsa, and how it was created, and who it will benefit, and why it is vitally important to the Greater Tulsa area. Also, as our guests explain, you can learn more about ImpactTulsa when this "we're all in this together" organization hosts a First Report Release Gathering tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday the 21st) at 5:30pm at the TCC Center for Creativity in downtown Tulsa.