"Fire in Paradise: An American Tragedy"

May 13, 2020

Our guests are the journalists Alastair Gee and Dani Anguiano, who are also the co-authors of "Fire in Paradise: An American Tragedy." The book documents the super-destructive wildfire that consumed the town of Paradise, California, in early November of 2018, when a community of 27,000 people was swallowed by the ferocious Camp Fire. "Fire in Paradise" offers a moving, far-reaching narrative based upon hundreds of interviews with residents, firefighters and police, and scientific experts. Gee and Anguiano are California-based journalists who have reported on Paradise and its surrounding area since the day the fire began. Their book shows us the heroics of the first responders, the miraculous escapes of those who got away, and the horrors experienced by those who were trapped in Paradise. Per Kirkus, in a starred review: "Powerful.... A riveting narrative that provides further compelling evidence for the urgency of environmental stewardship."