Flood Victims Filling Shelters

May 28, 2019

The Red Cross Shelter at Crosstown Church in Tulsa.
Credit KWGS News

Flood victims are taking advantage of shelters open to them around Tulsa County. Barbara and Susan both live in Sandy Park in Sand Springs. They say they weren’t given a choice, but were ordered to evacuate, and not given much time to do so.

For now, they’re staying in the Crosstown Church Red Cross Shelter in Tulsa and expect to remain there until next week.

Red Cross is providing food, clothing, and shelter for those forced from homes because of flood waters. Matt Griffiths is Shelter Manager at Crosstown Church at Admiral and Harvard. He says they’re pretty full. He recommends the Glenpool Shelter in south Tulsa County.

At times, there are anywhere from 75 to 100 people at the Crosstown Church Red Cross Shelter.