"Foreign Policy Challenges for the New Administration"

Nov 14, 2012

On this installment of ST, we welcome Dr. Elizabeth Colton, who's still pursuing an active, long-running, and wide-ranging career in diplomacy, journalism, foreign-relations scholarship, and U.S. and international politics and education. Such work has taken her to more than 100 countries; she's taught and/or delivered lectures on six different continents. Last night, Dr. Colton addressed to the Tulsa Committee on Foreign Relations on the topic of "Foreign Policy Challenges for the New Administration" --- which will be, of course, in this case a second Obama Administration. Dr. Colton is now completing a book on diplomacy, global politics, and the news media with a focus on key "hot spots" in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia --- and she speaks with us today about America's current foreign-policy challenges regarding such "hot spots." (For more on her recent appearance in Tulsa last night, please see this link.)