"Franklin D. Roosevelt: A Political Life" from the Renowned Presidential Historian Robert Dallek

Nov 14, 2017

On this edition of ST, Robert Dallek is our guest; he is the well-regarded American historian whose books include "Camelot's Court" and "Nixon and Kissinger," among several others. He joins us to talk about his newest volume, "Franklin D. Roosevelt: A Political Life." As was noted of this book in a Christian Science Monitor review: "[Dallek] believes that FDR was a born politician of ferocious and very nearly infallible instincts, and through a combination of extensive research and first-rate storyteller's gifts, [Dallek] makes the reader believe it, too. His Roosevelt is a man of great but always complicated drives, a worrier and second-guesser who nonetheless often believed the intensely stirring things he so often said and wrote.... Dallek relates in fine and compelling detail all the thorniest scandals of the FDR years.... But far more prominent than scandal in these pages -- and far more welcome -- are Dallek's frequent examinations of the now-forgotten political opposition FDR faced at every stage of his long tenure as president.... We see FDR afresh, which is an amazing feat in its own right."