"On the Front Line with an ER Psychiatrist" (Encore presentation.)

Tulsa, Oklahoma – (Please note: This show first aired in March of this year.) On this edition of StudioTulsa, we hear from Dr. Paul Linde, an ER psychiatrist who lives and works in San Francisco. Linde's new book, published by the University of California Press, is a well-written, informative, and engaging memoir called "Danger to Self: On the Front Line with an ER Psychiatrist." As one critic has noted of Linde's book in Library Journal: "In this moving book, Linde relates the challenges, joys, and potentially gut-wrenching errors of his work as an emergency room psychiatrist at a public hospital, who is encountering those on the margins of society in the midst of illness. Few of the many recent books on therapy, psychoactive medications, and American mental health services put human faces on their subjects as Linde does. He writes with grace, honesty, and humility about the psychiatrist's task of judging the mind and heart of another human being while remaining convinced that medicine can play a role in restoration and healing.... Those who enjoy the writings of Oliver Sacks and Sherwin B. Nuland will be enlightened by Linde's compassion and carefully wrought prose. Students of health policy, counseling, and psychology will find insight here as well."