Funds from $2T Federal Coronavirus Stimulus Package Could Help Tulsa Transit

Mar 27, 2020

The $2 trillion federal COVID-19 stimulus package includes $25 billion for transit.

General Manager Ted Rieck said that’s good news for Tulsa Transit, as ridership has dropped sharply during the pandemic.

"There are provisions to offset revenue loss, I believe. So, while we still have to evaluate that, there’s reason to be hopeful that we’ll be in decent shape," Rieck said.

Rieck said they’re still figuring out what they might get from the stimulus bill.

"And we are looking for some assistance from the state as well. Transit is designated an essential service. So, we think we will get some kind of priority. So, I think there is some kind of funding on the horizon for us to maintain what we have," Rieck said.

Tulsa Transit is still trying to fill a $1.5 million budget hole projected before the disease outbreak. That could get tougher. The agency's main strategy was to ask the City of Tulsa for a 2% increase in funding. The city will likely have less money to spend as consumer spending drops off during the pandemic.