George Kaiser Discusses His Mission

Tulsa, OK – Tulsan George Kaiser--- The Billionaire Philanthropist---discussed the mission of the George Kaiser Family foundation with the Tulsa Rotary.

He says we are not all equal. Not all children are born into loving and caring families with the same advantages. His goal is to break the cycle of poverty. Kaiser says early childhood education is central to that goal. That is why he is so involved in the Educare program.

There is one Educare school in the Kendall-Whittaker area and another is being built near 36th street North and Peoria. Kaiser is also concerned about health care. The foundation has donated $50-million to create the School of Community Medicine in connection with the University of Oklahoma.

Other areas are Oklahoma's high female incarceration rate, arts and civic concerns, all with a focus on helping the disadvantage.

The Kaiser Family Foundation is a contributor to the operation of Public Radio Tulsa.