Gerhardt Zimmermann Will Soon Conduct the Tulsa Symphony in a "Tragic" Evening of Mahler

Mar 12, 2015

Our guest on ST is Gerhardt Zimmermann, who will be the Guest Conductor for the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra on Saturday the 14th at the Tulsa PAC. This "Simply Tragic" concert, as its being called, will begin at 7:30pm, and it will feature the 80-to-85-minute masterpiece by Mahler known as Symphony No. 6 in A minor (a/k/a the "Tragische"). Zimmermann -- who has appeared with the TSO on several previous occasions, and who is Director of Orchestral Activities at the UT-Austin Butler School of Music as well as Music Director and Conductor of the Canton (Ohio) Symphony Orchestra -- talks with us about the life and work of Gustav Mahler (1860-1911), and about where Symphony No. 6 fits into his music as a whole. Zimmermann also addresses why this brilliant and sweeping and emotionally complex piece is so rarely heard in today's concert halls.