Getting to Know the Harmony Project: Its History, Its Development, and Its Tulsa Chapter

Apr 24, 2019

On this edition of ST, we learn about the nonprofit Harmony Project, a long-running (and highly successful) music-based mentoring program that provides academic tutoring, instruments, and music lessons to at-risk students (in grades K through 12) nationwide. The program was begun in 2001 in Los Angeles -- as a "public-health intervention" -- by Dr. Margaret Martin, who is our guest today. There are by now several different Harmony Project Affiliates -- in New Orleans, Kansas City, East St. Louis, San Francisco, and elsewhere, all of them aiming to grow the organization's "Mentoring Through Music" model all over the U.S. -- including one here in Tulsa, which is now celebrating its fifth anniversary. Indeed, Harmony Project Tulsa will mark this special anniversary with a free-to-the-public concert happening tonight (Tuesday the 23rd) at the Lorton Performance Center on the University of Tulsa campus. It begins at 6pm.