Getting to Know Jessica Borusky, the New Artistic Director at Living Arts of Tulsa

Jul 24, 2017

Living Arts of Tulsa -- a vital part of the arts scene here in town, and a long-running locally-based nonprofit that seems to be increasingly popular -- now has, for the first time in decades, a new artistic director. Our guest on ST is that individual: Jessica Borusky, who's been on the job for only two or three weeks at this point. She tells us about her plans and goals for Living Arts -- the kinds of shows she hopes to curate or present, the sorts of events she'd like the gallery to host, the role that she wants Living Arts to play in the wider Tulsa community, and also the partnerships among other local arts and cultural groups that she would like Living Arts to participate in. (Before coming to Tulsa, Borusky was an artist, curator, and creative educator based in Kansas City.)