Getting to Know the Multi-Talented Tulsa-Area Author Stacy Nyikos -- and "Waggers"

Nov 26, 2014

On this edition on StudioTulsa, we offer an entertaining and wide-ranging chat with Stacy Nyikos, an author, writing teacher, and on-the-go mom who lives in Bixby. She holds an MFA in Writing from Vermont College, and she's just published a new book -- it's actually her seventh picture book for young readers -- called "Waggers." (It's the story of "one little dog with an out-of-control tail!") Interestingly, Nyikos was an accomplished academic with a doctorate in political science when she decided to make a major career shift and start writing full-time -- since then, she's written everything from YA novels to picture books to film scripts to biographies. She's also a longtime writer-in-the-classroom type of visitor to schools both near and far. Also on today's program, on the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday, our commentator Connie Cronley has a thoughtful and respectful piece about a rather new addition to the cityscape of downtown Tulsa: street kids.