Getting to Know the Newly Hired Team-Leader for the GKFF's Birth through Eight Strategy

Oct 11, 2017

Our guest on this edition of ST is Sophia Pappas, who formerly led the pioneering initiative to bring "universal pre-K" to the New York City Public Schools. Pappas now resides in Tulsa, as she was recently hired by the Tulsa-based George Kaiser Family Foundation, the nonprofit social-justice and civic-enhancement organization funded by local billionaire and philanthropist George Kaiser. Pappas will now be in charge of introducing and implementing the GKFF's Birth through Eight Strategy, which was ten years in the making (and planning). As we learn on today's show, this strategy has four main goals for the people of this community: healthier low-income births, more nurturing homes and families, ensuring that low-income kids are ready for kindergarten, and finally making sure those very kids are academically successful by third grade.