Getting to Know Tony Moore, the Newly Named Director of A Gathering Place and Guthrie Green

Oct 17, 2016

Our guest on this edition of ST is Tony Moore, who was formerly the chief operating officer at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida, and now serves as the director of both A Gathering Place and Guthrie Green. The former is, of course, the George Kaiser Family Foundation's $350 million initiative -- now being built along Riverside Drive near 31st Street -- that will open late next year, and the latter is the popular public-park-and-open-stage space in downtown Tulsa, just across the street from the Woody Guthrie Center. Before working at the Lowry Park Zoo, Moore served in management capacities at SeaWorld, Discovery Cove, and Universal Studios. He talks about what A Gathering Place will have to offer the people of Tulsa -- and indeed, the people visiting the park from all over the country -- and also describes how his past work experiences will serve him well in this new post.