Getting Up to Speed on the Proposed Boston Avenue Multisport (or "BAM") Facility

Sep 1, 2015

Today's ST offers another discussion in our series of interviews with organizations aiming to acquire funding through the Vision 2025 sales tax extension for the City of Tulsa. Our guests, both members of TYPros, are two of the principals behind the much-talked-about proposal to create a Boston Avenue Multisport (or "BAM") Facility, which would exist between Boston and Cincinnati Avenues, and between 10th and 12th Streets, in downtown Tulsa: Terrell Hoagland is the Director of Sustainability for Jones Design Studio and Kenton Grant is the owner of Kenton Grant Consulting. As noted on the Facebook page for this proposed project: "[This] sports facility in south downtown [would feature] a multi-use field design that allows sports such as soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and Ultimate Frisbee to share the same field. Using sustainable design technologies like geothermal wells, photovoltaic panels, and bio-remediation ponds, we believe our project will perform better than Net Zero [in terms of its energy-use footprint]." Please note that you can view the Vision-funding proposal that "Project BAM" made a City Hall recently at this link. Also on today's show, commentator Barry Friedman offers a sobering personal essay about local politics and politicians; it's called "You Can't Erase the Past."