"The Ghost Variations: One Hundred Stories" (Encore)

Aug 18, 2021

(Note: This interview first aired back in March.) Our guest is Kevin Brockmeier, an imaginative and acclaimed writer based in Little Rock, Arkansas. His many books include the novels "The Illumination" and "The Brief History of the Dead" as well as the story collections "Things That Fall from the Sky" and "The View from the Seventh Layer." He joins us to discuss his latest book, a collection of very short stories called "The Ghost Variations." Per a critic writing for Booklist: "Brockmeier's 100 extremely short ghost stories present a range in tone from unsettling to terrifying, and pack a fearful punch with an economy of language, even for readers primed to feel uneasy.... The tales themselves are gems: modern, haunted treasures to be discovered."