"Going to Ground," an Exhibit by the Acclaimed Artist Susanna Coffey, at the Alexandre Hogue Gallery

Nov 2, 2016

On this edition of ST, we speak with the well-regarded contemporary American painter and artist, Susanna Coffey, who is currently speaking/teaching at the University of Tulsa as a Ruth Mayo Memorial Distinguished Visiting Artist. Coffey is the Sellers Professor in Painting at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, and her work appears in the collections of The Yale University Art Gallery, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Indianapolis Museum of Art, The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, The National Academy Museum, The Minneapolis Museum of Art, and elsewhere. She talks with us about her realistic portraits, self-portraits, figurative subjects, "night paintings," and so forth as we preview a new solo show of Coffey's work that will soon be on view at TU's Alexandre Hogue Gallery. This exhibit, "Going to Ground," will be on display from tomorrow (November 3rd) through December 15th. More information on this special exhibition can be accessed by calling the Hogue Gallery at 918-631-2739.