Grow a Public Radio Station AND a National Forest!

Nov 28, 2018

How many times do you have the opportunity to grow BOTH a public radio station AND a forest?

We know that you are deeply concerned about the health and sustainability of our planet.  You’re also passionate about the intelligent and thoughtful news and music you hear on Public Radio Tulsa.  


So this end-of-year giving season, we're making it easy to support BOTH.

Make your end-of-year donation of $30 or more by December 31st to Public Radio Tulsa, and trees will be donated on your behalf to a national forest through the National Forest Foundation!  For every $10 (with a minimum of $30) that you contribute to Public Radio Tulsa, one tree will be planted in a national forest – the exact forest to be determined by the NFF.

  • Donate $30: 3 trees will be planted
  • Donate $60: 6 trees will be planted.
  • Donate $120: 12 trees will be planted.
  • Donate $360: You’ll be responsible for a “public radio grove!”

DONATE NOW to support Public Radio Tulsa and the National Forest Foundation!