"The Growing Role of Big Tech in Geopolitics" at the TCFR

Nov 25, 2019

Our guest is Klon Kitchen, who leads the tech policy initiative at the Heritage Foundation. He recently gave a talk titled "Disrupting National Security: The Growing Role of Big Tech in Geopolitics" at the Tulsa Committee on Foreign Relations (or TCFR). At the Heritage Foundation, Kitchen heads an enterprise-wide, interdisciplinary effort to understand and shape our nation's most important technology issues. His personal research focuses on the intersection of technology and national security, with a particular interest in artificial intelligence, autonomous weapons systems, space, and intelligence issues. Prior to joining Heritage, Klon was National Security Advisor to Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska -- and before his time on the Hill, Klon spent 15+ years in the United States intelligence community working on counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, covert action, and cyber issues.