"Gus Foster's Views of this Broad Land" at the Gilcrease Museum

May 23, 2012

Our guest on this edition of StudioTulsa is the New Mexico-based photographer Gus Foster, who's been capturing images with various panoramic cameras since the early 1970s. There's a new exhibit at Tulsa's Gilcrease Museum --- on view through October 7th of this year --- called "Panoramic Landscapes of the American West: Gus Foster's Views of this Broad Land." It's a collection a 20+ works that are as spectacular and sweeping as they are carefully executed and richly diverse: a series of color photographs of our western States that are 8, 10, or 12 feet in length. Foster renders a great many extraordinary places and spaces --- aspen trees in autumn, snowy mountain ridges, ancient petroglyphs, the rivers of the Rocky Mountains, volcanic lava fields, and so on --- that truly transport the viewer. His large-format photos remind us of not just the transcendent beauty but also the awesome majesty of the American West. You can learn more about Gus Foster's photos here, and more about his current show at Gilcrease at this link.