The highs and lows of delivering "customer service with a smile."

Tulsa, Oklahoma – "The Customer Is Always Wrong: The Retail Chronicles" is a new collection of "May I Help You?"-themed personal essays and plastic-name-tag-wearing recollections. The book's editor, Jeff Martin, is a Tulsa-area bookseller, writer, and StudioTulsa commentator --- and on this edition of StudioTulsa, which first aired back in September, we talk with Martin about his book and how he put it together. (It's a trade paperback original from Soft Skull Press.) Contributors to "The Customer Is Always Wrong" include Colson Whitehead, Neal Pollack, Jane Borden, Kevin Smokler, and Elaine Viets, and all of the writings in this funny-yet-sad-yet-all-too-true collection are new, never-before-published pieces. (Editor's note: You can also hear Jeff Martin speaking with NPR's "All Things Considered" about his own triumphs and tragedies as a longtime soldier in the Retail Army at this web address: