Hillcrest Furloughing Approximately 600 Employees

Apr 6, 2020

Credit Hillcrest HealthCare System

Hillcrest HealthCare System announced Monday it will furlough 9% of its employees, approximately 600 workers, to deal with the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a news release, Hillcrest said hospitals have seen significant declines in routine and elective procedures with more and more people staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Hillcrest has seen revenues drop as the number of patients without COVID-19 declines.

"As the virus continues to spread, we must ensure we can provide life-saving care with the necessary caregivers and resources we have available," said Hillcrest HealthCare System CEO Kevin Gross. "As a result, we've had to make some difficult workforce decisions."

The temporary furlough is expected to last up to 90 days. Employees may be called back to work sooner if they are needed.

Hillcrest will also be "realigning services," reassigning staff, and reducing hours and pay for some employees.