Historical Fiction Meets Old New York in "The Great Mistake: A Novel"

Jun 15, 2021

Our guest is the novelist Jonathan Lee, whose new book is a vivid, page-turning work of historical fiction titled "The Great Mistake." It's a novel set in 19th-century New York City that digs deeply and engagingly into the life and times of -- and the mysterious murder of -- a man named Andrew Haswell Green. Not well-remembered today but very famous in his time, Green (who was called "The Father of Greater New York") was a lawyer and city planner whose visionary deal-making led to establishment of Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Bronx Zoo, and the New York Public Library. But why was Green killed in the street in 1903, just outside his Park Avenue residence? Such is the core question of "The Great Mistake." Lee will be doing a "virtual event" for this novel on Thursday the 17th at 7pm. This free event is being presented on Zoom by Magic City Books; more information (including how to register) is posted here