"How to Build a Hovercraft: Air Cannons, Magnet Motors, and 25 Other Amazing DIY Science Projects"

Jan 22, 2014

On today's ST, we offer a thoroughly gosh-wow-how-cool discussion with Stephen Voltz. Along with Fritz Grobe, Voltz is co-founder of the EepyBird Laboratory in Maine --- please see website here --- which is well-known for its experiments with ping pong balls, sticky notes, balloons, soda cans, Ivory soap, and so forth, with many of these experiments becoming viral videos at YouTube and other sites. Voltz and Grobe --- also known as The Coke and Mentos Guys --- now have a fun, fascinating, and DIY-friendly book out: "How to Build a Hovercraft." It's a book that, per the descriptive copy on its back cover, shows us what happens "when a love of science meets a love of awesome." Further, as was noted in Natural History magazine: "Want to create big, splashy projects mostly using household items? This fun book contains detailed, step-by-step instructions, well-thought-out scientific explanations, and sensible safety precautions." Also on our program, a wonderfully far-reaching and entertaining commentary from Connie Cronley called "Family Secrets."