"How Your Business Can Conquer the Competition by Challenging Everything" (Encore Presentation)

Sep 25, 2017

(Please Note: This interview originally aired back in June.) Our guest is Bryce Hoffman, a bestselling author, speaker, and consultant who helps companies plan better and leaders lead better by applying systems from the worlds of business and the military. He joins us to discuss his new book, "Red Teaming: How Your Business Can Conquer the Competition by Challenging Everything." What is "red teaming," you ask? Here's an explanation from the author's own website: "Developed by the military and intelligence agencies, red teaming is a revolutionary way to stress-test strategies, flush-out unseen threats and missed opportunities, and execute more successfully in an increasingly uncertain world. By making critical and contrarian thinking part of the planning process, red teaming helps companies and other organizations challenge their assumptions, strengthen their plans, overcome groupthink, and outthink the competition. Drawing on the latest research in cognitive psychology, red teaming is specifically designed to overcome the mental blind spots and biases companies and individuals fall victim to when making big decisions or trying to solve complex problems. By taking a hard look at assumptions, examining the ways in which plans could fail, and carefully considering alternative explanations and perspectives, red teaming helps organizations make smarter choices and turn disruptive events into opportunities. Many of today’s best companies, from Amazon and Google to Ford and Toyota, know that change is the only constant and organically incorporate many of these same approaches in their decision-making processes. Red teaming can help any business plan better, anticipate emerging threats, and avoid potentially disastrous mistakes -- from mistimed product-launches to ill-conceived acquisitions."