ICE Protestors Denied Second Chance at Courthouse

May 20, 2019

Protestors spill into courthouse hallway after being denied a chance to speak in public at Tulsa County Commission meeting.
Credit KWGS News

It gets heated at Tulsa County Commission as ICE protestors return to the courthouse today. Those against the 287-g contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement are livid that the deal was already extended before they made arguments last week. Miriam Marton is with the University of Tulsa Immigrant Resource Network. She says the Commissioners and Sheriff lack transparency when it comes to the controversial ICE detention and transportation agreement.

Commission Chair Karen Keith, who personally opposes the ICE contract, says it couldn’t be discussed because it was not listed on the agenda and that would violate the open meetings law.

It’s unclear if protestors will return to a later Commission meeting. Keith invited them to do so.