Informed, Entertained, and Engaged

Sep 28, 2015


Early Birds Get FREE Flowers!

Our friends at Southwood Landscape and Garden Center have partnered with Public Radio Tulsa to reward early birds with something more beautiful than worms - a free flat of Southwood-grown pansies!

There are four six-packs of flowers per flat, grown locally so the plants are acclimated to our Green Country growing conditions. 

FOR EARLY BIRDS ONLY: one of our most popular thank-you gifts, courtesy of Southwood Landscape & Garden Center: A free flat of Southwood-grown pansies, four six-packs per flat, grown locally so the plants are acclimated to our Green Country growing conditions.

Give a gift of $120 or more by online or by phone (888-594-5947) through Monday, October 19th, 2015. After making your qualifying donation, we will mail you a voucher for your flat of flowers, which you may redeem at Southwood.

This thank-you gift is in addition to any other gift you choose, for which your donation would qualify you. (This flower thank-you option does not appear on our online pledge form; you automatically qualify and will receive a voucher if you meet the above conditions.)


Ira Glass of This American Life recently made an appearance on Stephen Colbert's new TV show - which you never saw! Colbert said some funny things about the pledge drive.  He LOVES the pledge drive. Here's what he said:

Dear Friend of Public Radio Tulsa,

You have a mountain of news, information, and entertainment laid in front of you every day. From print media, to video, to social media formats only your 13-year old understands, we all are inundated with information and the opportunity to communicate. 

Your pumpkin spice latte will taste delicious in this fabulous matte white ceramic mug with an orange gloss interior! Proudly displaying the new Morning Edition logo on one side, while sporting our Public Radio 89.5 logo on the opposite side, we must admit that we are sinfully proud of this mug. Do join us in slurping…er…sipping your morning cup o’ joe from this beauty! • $180 ($15/mo)

But if you’re like most Public Radio Tulsa listeners, you’re more interested in the quality of the content than the quantity of the inputs. You’re more concerned with hearing intelligent and thoughtful analysis than with headlines.

The magnificent conductor Claudio Abbado passed away in January 2014. This performance, recorded five months before his death, was part of Abbado’s final concert. • $180 ($15/mo)

You want to hear music that’s profound and touches your soul, whether it’s classical, jazz, Western Swing, or Red Dirt. You want real journalism, honest storytelling, and music that sometimes makes you late to the office because you just can’t tear yourself away.

This is the kind of programming that we are committed to bringing you on Public Radio Tulsa. In addition to our robust schedule of news and information from National Public Radio and American Public Media, we recently welcomed “The Moth Radio Hour,” Saturdays at 3 pm, the most requested program from listeners.

Music lovers can now hear “Jazz Night in America,” with Christian McBride, Saturday evenings at 8 pm. On KWTU, you soon will be able to hear concerts from the Oklahoma City Philharmonic, in addition to broadcasts from the Tulsa Symphony. And more is coming.

Here is how you can help support Public Radio Tulsa, and the exceptional news, information, and music available to you: Make a one-time gift of $60, $120, or the amount of your choosing. Make a monthly pledge of $10, $15, $20 or more per month, using your credit or debit card. This is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to support Public Radio Tulsa.

Into every life a little rain must fall... but with your Public Radio Tulsa umbrella, you can stay dry AND spread the word about public radio! Our newest thank-you gift is a generously-sized Typhoon Golf umbrella in royal blue and white, with the Public Radio Tulsa logo on one panel. Our prediction is a sunny outlook for you AND Public Radio Tulsa. • $300 ($25/mo)

Your early response will jump-start our progress (and earn you a flat of flowers) towards our goal of $200,000 during our Fall 2015 Fund Drive, which continues through October 24th. I promise your gift will repay you throughout the year with programming that will inform, entertain, engage, and at our best, move you. Thank you for your continued support.


Rich Fisher 
General Manager, Public Radio Tulsa 



If you wish to receive any of these Fall 2015 thank-you gifts, please indicate this on the online pledge form. The fair-market value of each gift is subtracted from the tax-deductible portion of your gift; this will be detailed on your tax letter (sent to you in January 2016). As a courtesy to those who wish 100% of their contribution to be applied toward station programming, thank-you gifts will NOT be sent unless the correct box is marked on the pledge form. Gifts will be available through Nov. 20, 2015, or while supplies last.