Inhofe to Try Nixing Provision in Defense Spending Bill to Remove Confederate Names from Bases

Jul 24, 2020

President Trump tweeted Friday morning he has Oklahoma U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe’s assurance that when the National Defense Authorization Act reaches his desk, it will not include a provision to remove confederate leaders’ names from military installations.

Inhofe confirmed to the Oklahoman he would work to remove the provision.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany claimed Friday afternoon most Americans agree with Trump bases should not be renamed.

"Because the bases are not known for the generals they’re named after. The bases are known for the heroes within it, the great Americans — Black, white, Hispanic, of every race — who have died on behalf of this great country, and 56% of the nation agrees with the president," McEnany said.

On the Senate floor Thursday, Inhofe lauded the $731 billion National Defense Authorization Act and its passage as fully bipartisan efforts.

"Then we’ll work to make sure once again that this is a bipartisan conference report that both parties can support and the president can sign," Inhofe said.

Trump has threatened to veto a defense spending bill that renames military bases.

It’s not clear how Inhofe will get the renaming provision out of the bill in conference committee. It’s included in House and Senate versions, both of which passed on veto-proof majorities.