IRAs and Stocks and Autos – OH MY!

Dec 6, 2018

There are as many ways to support Public Radio Tulsa as there are All Things Considered hosts – maybe more!

For example: Did you know that we accept donations of publicly-tradedstock?  We have all the information you need to provide your accountant or broker.  Contact Public Radio Tulsa Development Director Judith Nole at (918) 631-3118 or to find out more.

If you’re 70 ½ or older, you can support the news and music you love through your IRA Required Minimum Distribution(RMD).  In fact, you can transfer up to $100,000 annually from your IRA directly to charity without first having to recognize the distribution as income.  (As always, consult with your financial professional.)

If the holidays are bringing a new car to your driveway, donate your old one to us!  Contact our Vehicle Donation Service at 1-855-277-2346.  They’ll help arrange to have your vehicle picked up (or towed for free), talk you through the title transfer process, provide you with your tax receipt, and send the proceeds from your car’s sale to us.

And if you work for one of the many businesses that provide matches for charitable contributions, make sure your donation to Public Radio Tulsa is matched!  Contact your human resources department for the appropriate process.  Williams, OneGas, Phillips, Conoco, and Verizon are just a few of the local employers who provide matches.  (You may find us listed as our license-holder, The University of Tulsa, on your list of accepted charitable/educational institutions.)

Any questions about how YOU can support Public Radio Tulsa?  Contact Public Radio Tulsa Development Director Judith Nole at (918) 631-3118 or

Thank you for your vital and enduring support of Public Radio Tulsa, both now and throughout the year. Your gifts – of all sizes and types – ensure that we can continue to provide outstanding, bias-free news and exquisite music in northeast Oklahoma.