"Is It Ready Yet?" --- A Noted Cookbook Author Answers an Age-Old Question of the Kitchen in "Done."

Jun 19, 2014

Our guest is James Peterson, the James Beard Award-winning food writer, cookbook author, photographer, and cooking teacher who started his career as a restaurant cook in Paris in the 1970s. He's written more than a dozen cooking guides and recipe books over the years, including "Sauces," "Fish & Shellfish," "Meat: A Kitchen Education," and "Cooking." His newest book, just out, is called "Done.: A Cook's Guide to Knowing When Food Is Perfectly Cooked," and Peterson joins us today to discuss this volume. As William Grimes has noted in The New York Times Book Review: "Anyone who has dithered over salmon on the grill or a roasting leg of lamb, fearful that medium-rare is sneakily becoming medium, will appreciate 'Done'.... Can you tell when blond becomes brown, when brown becomes dark brown, and when you have gone too far and burned the darned thing? Peterson will hold your hand and guide you through." Also on today's program, host Rich Fisher has a few thoughts about the recently launched "Chicken Fat" television ad from Apple Computers --- and about the ad's surprising links to the State of Oklahoma.