It's Gypsy Jazz and Beyond --- Far Beyond --- with the Acclaimed Guitarist Stephane Wrembel

Jul 11, 2012

On this edition of StudioTulsa, we speak by phone with the French-born, Brooklyn-based, and widely acclaimed guitarist, Stephane Wrembel, who performs this evening (Wednesday the 11th) at 7pm at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in downtown Tulsa. (You can learn more about Wrembel's show at the Jazz Hall here.) Wrembel is probably best known as a "Gypsy Jazz" player, but --- as he tells us on today's show --- he is, in fact, equally inspired by (and drawn to) many other musical genres, among them classic rock, psychedelic rock, Cuban music, Indian music, Greek music, and so forth. In other words, he's an ardent admirer of Django Reinhardt who first drew critical acclaim and widespread attention as a Django-type guitar player --- but who now (and ever since he graduated from the Berklee College of Music, basically) endeavors to perform, compose, and record music that draws on many other influences. Wrembel --- whose newest CD, "Origins," was released in May --- has also contributed music to two different Woody Allen films; he played "Bistro Fada," the tune that he wrote for Allen's "Midnight In Paris," at the 2012 Academy Awards telecast.