Jared Johnson, an Active Drummer on the Tulsa Scene, Offers "The Grapes of Wrath Project"

Jan 15, 2018

On this edition of ST, we listen back to our conversation from September with Jared Johnson, who's a fine drummer on the Tulsa-area music circuit as well as a drumset instructor at Northeastern State University. Jared gigs widely on the local scene, playing in all sorts of bands and musical settings, and mainly works as a jazz drummer. When we spoke with him last year, he told us about his then-new modern jazz album, a self-produced collection of original compositions entitled "The Grapes of Wrath Project." With tracks called (to name but a few) "Ma" and "Rose of Sharon" and "All Men Got One Big Soul," this album features music directly and knowingly inspired by John Steinbeck's masterpiece.